Printed by Hand

A specific mark of Ink. pieces is their classic screen-printing’s quality.
The brand-lab leaves this ancient technique – moving its artists’ artworks from frame to fabric (or paper) – into the hands of gifted screenprints-masters.
It’s them who animate a product perfectly balanced between a heritage yet up-to-date aesthetic.

Within screen-printing, the frame with the design’s stencil gets hooked to the machine, waiting. While the fabric (or paper) is fastened on the opposite side, then the former gets put on top of the latter; so the colour, accurately lied down on an extremity, is moved all across the design’s area with a wool squeegee. Repeating these moves, each frame prints its own colour – quite always ‘one-off’ (likewise the brand-lab’s works).

The frame is attached to the machine, waiting. The fabric is fixed on the opposite side. Then, the first one overlaps the second one: the colour, laying on the extremity of a side, slips on the whole area of the drawing thanks to a wooden paddle.

In the lab, the only element giving a modern extra attention to the ancient technique is the ink type: water-based, permanent like classic one, but smoother to the hand and less damaging for the environment.

Screen Printing Water Colors.