The Italian excellence

A modern fashion-brand deserves a modern styling: all Ink. capsule collections are designed by a Milanese stylist collaborating for years with labels of the likes of Gucci and Dolce&Gabbana.
This expert approach to haute couture is fundamental to complete Ink.‘s mission: to transform the basic garment par excellence, the t-shirt, into an exclusive must-have for quality and originality.

Transforming the basic dress ‘par exellence’, the t-shirt, in an exclusive must-have for quality and style!

That’s the reason for Ink.‘s one-size-fits-all fit: ‘no-size’ is a particular feature fruit of a clear choice made together with the fashion-designer.
This way every Ink. shirt experiments a totally new wearability, suited for any men’s-women’s fit thanks to the cut and polished nature of the brand-lab’s Sicilian fabrics.

‘One Size’ is a Perfect Size.

Finally all capsule collections – purposely limited-edition – are released every year and boast the visuals of international artists and designers, in pure Ink. spirit.