Ink. presents
“Back in(k) Black”
@ Ral Cocktail Bar
Fuorisalone 2019

From April 9 to 14 the brand-lab Ink. hits Fuorisalone 2019 with Back in(k) Black event. An exhibition of the ‘rock-chic’ purses of its Townie Collection, among which the new handmade pieces customised by Vladislava Shevchenko: Ukrainian tattoo-artist internationallyrenowned for her geometric blackworks made of mandalas and flowers.

For this occasion the brand-lab came up with a set-up loyal to its mission of creating little great artworks to wear, together with an idea to host is guests in a way which is 100% Ink. And the perfect location for this ‘all-black’ event could only be Ral Cocktail Bar: a NYC-inspired concept-bar with a noir mood in turn, in via Corsico 3.

There to the ones who’ll buy a purse Ink. will give two free-drinks, suggesting everyone to taste DrInk.: the ‘cut & sew drink’ created for the brand-lab. A cocktail fully reflecting its attitude and core-shade. How? Thanks to the ink-black colour and Sicily’s flavours: gin, orange-liqeur, elder-essence and squid-ink, to end with a bang.

For all that the new Ink. event is Back in(k) Black, and also because it re-starts from its ‘ink-black’ DNA, it goes through Vlada Shevchenko‘s blackwork and uses the spirit noir of Ral Cocktail Bar and DrInk. to bring at Fuorisalone the power of total-black – ‘as black as Ink.‘.

The Location

The Ral Cocktail Bar is a concept bar inspired by New York but on the Milanese canals. A noir atmosphere that stimulates the “drink well” with a cocktail list expertly studied following the lines of the mixology and the creativity of the bartenders. The Ral Cocktail Bar also hosts Radio Raheem, an independent web radio that broadcasts music and images of Milan 24/7 with a cosmic perspective.

It’s also Vinyl Culture, the record store that stands out for a select and sought-after proposal.

Mixology and art. “Drinking well” goes hand in hand with art. The main hall of the Ral Cocktail Bar changes skin every month, dressing with the creations of the best artists on the international scene, selected by Beppe Treccia.

Via Corsico, 3 Milano

Romantic textures for the Townie Collection: the new “Tattoo Pochette” is born

A thin, very thin line, the fabric like a sheet of immaculate paper, ready to welcome a story to tell. Elegant blooms, geometric shapes, mandalas, a work of art to always carry with you.

Thus was born the Tattoo Pochette created in collaboration with Vlada: the Ukrainian tattoo artist skillfully mixes peonies, geometric shapes, mandalas and does it using strictly black ink. His ‘floral tattoos’ are an extraordinary combination of bold blackwork and delicate images.

The Tattoo Pochette will be presented and exhibited exclusively during the Milan Design Week at the Ral Cocktail Bar in Via Corsico 3, Milan. Those interested can buy it directly at the concept store or book it by sending an email to

From 16 April it will be available in the online shop in all 4 variants.

The cocktail ‘cut & sew’ for Ink.

by Ral Cocktail Bar
For those who love Ink. and good drinking Ral created DrInk.: the black-ink cocktail 100% Ink.!

As black as ink, 100% Ink. DNA – with Sicily’s flavours: gin / orange-liqeur / elder-essence / squid-ink.

DrInk. will be served and exclusively available only during Milan Design Week at the Ral Cocktail Bar in via Corsico 3, Milan. After that date, it will no longer be possible to order it.

Who will buy a clutch bag during #MDW2019 – online or at the Ral in via Corsico 3Ink. will offer two DrInks. to be enjoyed in company.