Salvatore Palazzo

Salvatore Palazzo, visual artist, graphic designer, advertising art director, with a deep passion and knowledge of the iconographic apparatus of contemporary pop culture, proceeds for montages of images, images that are rarely full figures, which preferably correspond to details, glimpses, faces of polyhedra, perceived glimmers in disadvantaged conditions of visibility.

Fragments of anatomical atlases, entomological details, film frames of the dark alternative culture, pop icons with graphic interventions in primary colors are the material of construction of disturbing but attractive images, which in a double “hysterical” movement attract and repel simultaneously, causing, as in Baroque paintings, a wander through the elements of the image where the gaze does not abandon itself to a simple assimilation, but is always engaged in terms of memory, conjecture, textual intelligence.

A voluntary use of pop style that refers to the easier metabolization of the image used as a pick to undermine the sensitivity of the “spectator” and insert the emotional perturbation, autobiographical node of the author.

“Images need to be truly alive, of a subject who, by assuming them, joins them. But in this meeting there is a mortal risk: that the images crystallize and turn into ghosts of which men become slaves and from which it is always necessary to free them.”

Giorgio Agamben, Ninfe – 2007