Manuel Rebollo

Manuel Rebollo, Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Salamanca, Spain, where he was born in 1986. He studied Graphic Design at Salamanca Art School where he graduated in 2007. After that, he decides to start a personal blog where showing personal works, the blog begins to gain popularity and he receives his first commissions as Illustrator.

Currently he works freelance as a Graphic Designer as well as an Illustrator. Although he didn’t study illustration as such, most of his work have been as illustrator, mainly in the field of advertising illustration, but also illustration for books or fashion illustration.

Despite of his relatively short career so far, and even though he still considers himself a “beginner” with many things to learn, he has already worked for some important fashion retailers as Dorothy Perkins in the UK, Bloomingdale’s in the USA, or Ekyog in France, book publishers as Penguin Group, or design agencies as LPK, Shakelton Group, Creable or DDB Canada, with final clients such as Pantene or Finlandia Vodka.

Also, his work has been featured in different publications in Spain, as well as in the British magazine DigitalArts, on which he was cover in December 2010. In January 2013, he did his first solo exhibition in Salamanca.

As for his personal work, he uses digital techniques, although trying to get always a traditional appearance in everything he does. Women, music, love, and sensuality inspire him, and they’re common themes in his work, which is based primarily on portraits and female figures, extolling qualities such as beauty, femininity or sensuality. They are the starting point, the source of inspiration, as well as the main purpose he looks for in the final result.

Apart from women, as a Graphic designer, He is passionate about typography and he always try to include them in his work, not only as a form of communication but as a purely aesthetic element. Regarding style, He doesn’t like labels and just try to do beautiful images. He likes to play with lines, blank spaces, and the use of colour in a subtlety way. He likes the simplicity in design, and try to express this in his work.