Francesco Caporale

❝My signs, my alphabet.❞

Francesco Caporale aka FRA! Illustrator and “Doodleartist” from Cosenza. After scientific high school studies he moved to Milan and from one restaurant to another he completed his studies in Graphic Design & Art Direction at Naba (New Academy of Fine Arts). Post Laurea is a victim of the theft of his PC. Thus he began to fill flying sheets with simple and cheap black ink, discovering what is called Doodleart, which he defined as the art of error. He does it around, in bars, in crowded places and noticing the interest of that improvised audience starts to think that with those lines could coexist and survive.

❝I write with lines that do not generate letters or numbers. I write with lines that generate my alphabet, my belief. All my world.❞

He is engulfed in a fertile place for ideas, OPEN Milan, where a work of two meters by two will be the beginning of his career as a professional illustrator. FRA! a simple name, a direct language. A method is born, whose mission is to find the middle ground between artistic passion for its own sake and professionalism for every customer. The dream of trying to build a just world, even if imaginary, is born.

His language is a perfect encounter between form and content. His creations have a clear graphic trait, animated by fantastic characters often repeated until they become real patterns.