International Collaborations
Ink. colours are the ink-colours of gifted artists, often internationally-renowned. 360-degree artists and creatives moved by the same passions of the brand-lab. It’s about skilled art directors and tattoo artists, just like graphic designers, illustrators and street artists.
Here’s why Ink. works are always new, always eclectic.

Lucas Menezes Pires, Brazilian, better known as Lucas Milk. Art Director, he worked in the advertising world for 10 years until he decided to devote himself entirely to his great passion, body art.

Flowers embossed on the skin: the total black tattoos by Vlada Shevchenko. The Ukrainian tattoo artist skillfully mixes peonies, geometric shapes, mandalas. And it does so by using strictly black ink.

Graphic designer, lettermaker, street artist. Stanislav Virin is an artist and graphic designer from St. Petersburg. His graphic-pop trait is enhanced by the perfect use of fluorescent colors that determine the final result in his works.

Paolo Castaldi is a Milanese cartoonist and illustrator. He writes and draws comics, illustrates several other things. Sheets, pencil, charcoal, watercolors, ink on paper… her daily bread. Books and comics his universe.

❝My signs, my alphabet.❞ Francesco Caporale in art FRA! is a Cosenza illustrator. His language is a perfect meeting between form and content. His creations have a clear graphic trait, animated by fantastic characters often repeated until they become real patterns.

The incomprehensible woman, showing the torment of an unrequited love, is a recurring item in Rebollo’s artistic narration and balances the strict style of a male shirt.

With Nicolaucich reality seems to tap into a daydream…

While Palazzo (known as Sav)’s creatures are scary at times but then disclose an intense poetical soul.

If you are an artist or a designer as well and wish to apply for the next Ink. collection, send a request to

We can’t wait to meet you!