International Artists

Everything flows, everything changes, ink is no exception.
Similarly, the brand-lab’s garments and pieces portray the personal images by artists and creatives of various nature.
An Ink.‘s specific mark, actually, is the importance dedicated to the stylistic research of visionary authors – most of time internationally-renowned.

Art and fashion melt into a garment which becomes a painting to wear.

It’s indeed thanks to the original artworks by brilliant illustrators and graphic designers, or tattoo artists and cartoonists, up to art directors, artists and street artists which to the artisanal fineness of Ink. pieces is added that of visual arts – 100% in line with the experimental soul of the brand-lab.

Graphic Designer, Tattoo Artist, Illustrators. From Brazil to Russia, from Spain to Italy.

A creative growing project arised from their stories; each Capsule Collection is intentionally a year-long Limited Edition and to involve artists and designers from all over the world.

So each and all Ink.‘s capsule collections reflect also the added value of Italian and international artists’ creativity (beside that of designers and artisans), in order to give the brand-lab an always new and innovative aesthetic.

Around this concept revolves a creative project continuously transforming, thanks to which Ink. will keep on rivers of ink to flow.