Fashion Brand & Creative Lab

Ink. is a fashion brand and a creative lab all the while. Its DNA is divided between fashion and art, tradition and innovation.

Ink. is a brand of haute-couture garments rich in the designs of a high-end stylist, the workings of expert tailors and the illustrations of international artists – all that 100% handmade in Italy with polished Sicilian fabrics in limited edition.

Art and Fashion,
Paper and Ink,
Creativity and Technique.
Wear Art.
Wear Ink.

Ink. is the creative lab where its worldwide artists, designers and artisans join forces to create screen-prints and several accessories of authentic quality too. It’s the meeting-point for various arts and techniques, where different kinds of creatives influence each other, everyone with his own shades. So the synergy of all Ink.‘s colours always brings forth unique pieces: little great artworks to wear and collect.


Handmade Limited Edition

Ink. capsule collections are 100% handmade in Italy and limited edition.
Any collection represents a sartorial project to be cut’n sewn, each of its garments an innovative fit for men’s-women’s, and each of its accessories a gem created ad hoc.
Not by chance Ink. series offer pieces in a class of their own.


Creative Process


Research and design are the heart of Ink. garments’ creative iter, to guarantee exclusive quality since the very first phases of any creation, fully sticking to Italian tailoring’s traditional techniques.

Haute Couture

A modern fashion-brand deserves a modern styling: all Ink. capsule collections are designed by a Milanese stylist collaborating for years with labels of the likes of Gucci and Dolce&Gabbana.


Illustrators and graphic designers, tattoo artists and cartoonists, art directors, artists and street artists. At the base of the Ink.‘s project, there is the stylistic research of visionary authors, most of time internationally-renowned.

Screen Printing

A specific mark of Ink. pieces is their classic screen-printing’s quality that moving its artists’ artworks from frame to fabric or paper, into the hands of gifted screenprints-masters.


Ink. doesn’t mean only haute-couture garments. Also accessories like backpacks and clutches are a speciality of its lab. A facet in turn born from the kaleidoscopic DNA of Ink.: fruit of the harmony between artists and artisans.


International Collaborations

Ink. colours are the ink-colours of gifted artists, often internationally-renowned. 360-degree artists and creatives moved by the same passions of the brand-lab. It’s about skilled art directors and tattoo artists, just like graphic designers, illustrators and street artists (but not only). Here’s why Ink. works are always new, always eclectic.


Two Brothers, a Passion for Art and Fashion
Sicilian director and art director Vito and Angela Trecarichi give life to Ink. They’re also brother and sister, passionate about fashion, screen-printing, graphic, photography and cinema.
Together with several work experiences, in the years they took a path they unconsciously already knew what it would give rise to: in the end they realised they had to create Ink. and how to evolve it thanks to their backgrounds. So today it’s a creative-workshop experimenting 24/7 which cranks out basic-chic haute couture garments, polished accessories and art screen-prints. 100% artisanal, 100% Made in Italy.
Why a creative brand-lab? Because they wanted to design stories. They wanted something which would stand up to trends. They wanted the details of minimal yet particular pieces to be able to define the style of those looking for their style.
Why Ink.? Ink itself is the centre of their inspiration: an ancient language intertwining to modern codes and symbols. That’s what led them to the intuition of screen-printing, which gave Ink. the name and the shape to its logo: a slightly changed Bodoni, tribute to the master Giambattista, Italian engraver, typographer and printer of the eighteenth century.
In the identity of Ink. they enclosed all their world, both personal and professional. All they can be and do – to share it with those who’re moved by their same mood.

Ink. it started with a simple idea, to tell our passions and to merge them in a ‘palpable’ project:
create high quality and well-designed clothes and accessories that we wanted to wear first.